Custom artwork for your home,
where the artwork is you.

There is no family like yours.

Let's preserve these days, they go fast.

Watt Studios family portraits are truly one-of-a-kind exclusive works. I work very hard on creating incredible family portraits that capture your true connection. I take into consideration the style of your home, colors, personal aesthetic, and your unique family relationships to create photo artwork that looks like you, leveled up. This means that I am creating custom sets, hand-painted canvas backdrops, and a comfortable studio space that is completely tailored to your family. Because of the extra love I put into family sessions, I only accept ten a year.

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The Process

What to Expect when you choose Watt Studios

Watt Studios is a full service photography studio. This means from planning to printing, I am here to walk you through every part of the process. I provide styling guidance, custom set design, a comfortable and fun experience during your session, an always-exciting gallery reveal, and finally, if you're local, I personally deliver your albums and artwork to your home. If you traveled for your studio experience, shipping is on the house.

Step One: Design Consult

Depending on what serves your family best, your design consultation will be in person at the studio or over the phone. We will chat about your unique family connection and how you want to remember these moments, what to wear, your budget, and where you imagine your photos hanging in your home. I'll even ask you about your favorite snack and music! At the end of this consultation, we will both have a clear understanding of what to expect at your custom photography session!

Step Two: Session

This is the fun part! By now, you know exactly what to expect and I am fully prepared to give you a one-of-a-kind experience at your photography session. I am patient, understanding, and usually pretty goofy, too. However you're feeling, I'll be there to dance with you or to capture those softer expressions. Bring in your family just as you are: tired children, goofy dads, nervous teenagers. I am fully confident we will capture incredible photos of you in a completely authentic and gorgeous way.

Step Three: Gallery Reveal

Did I say your photography session was the fun part? This is the really fun part. At your gallery reveal session you get to see your gorgeous artwork come to life! I have incredible software that allows me to show you how your photos look in any size on your OWN walls – that's right! I can generate what your artwork will look like on the walls of your own home. You get to feel album materials, choose from over 40 frame options, and order your favorite images for keeping and passing down from generation to generation. 

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Step Four: Delivery Day!

The wait is over. By now your photographs have been beautifully and naturally touched up, printed, sprayed, and checked twice. Albums have been hand-bound and portraits have been framed. You get all of this delivered right to your door by me!