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Meet Heather & Brian

We love love, we love photographing weddings, and we especially love each other. 


Based in Maine | Traveling Everywhere

What makes us pros?

(Scroll down to see what makes us who we are!)

Heather and Brian here– We are a husband and wife, two-photographer wedding photography team for joyful couples seeking classic wedding photography. We have been working together since 2011 (that's how we started dating!) and are now a well-oiled machine on your wedding day. For portraits, I'm your girl (It's me, Heather). I'll also be the voice you hear on the phone and in emails. While Brian works as an engineer full time, I run Watt Studios around the clock and get the joy of Brian's company and wonderful talent at each Maine wedding day. 

I am a Master Photographer, Certified Professional Photographer, and Educator for the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), the nations oldest-standing professional photography organization. I began my time as a wedding photographer working for Brian Watt Photography in 2011. In 2023, I was a bronze medalist in the wedding photography category of PPA's International Photography Competition and was awarded "Best in Show" at the Maine Professional Photographers annual photography competition (amongst many, many other awards over the course of ten years... but lists are boring). 


Brian is a Master Photographer with a degree from PPA and has been a wedding photographer since 2004. He is a second generation portrait photographer who grew up working for his father, supporting him at weddings and in studio photography from a very young age. In 2021, his Image "Swept Away" was a Grand Imaging Award Finalist in the wedding photography category of the International Photography Competition. (And again many other awards, beginning with Best First Time Entrant... competing against adults at age 12!)

Our history makes us both very proud to do what we do. Photography has changed our lives, professionally and personally. We love every minute as Maine Wedding Photographers!

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What makes us who we are?

On your wedding day, you'll be spending a lot of time with your wedding photographer. You have to enjoy their company! 

So who are we, really?

I took a personality test recently that labeled me as an influencer. Some words that describe me are exciting, inspirational, charismatic, warm, compassionate, and sociable. I'm a protector, and care deeply about the ones I love. One area where I'm shy, is giving myself compliments so I'm very glad I didn't have to come up with this list myself, but I did have some of the people who know me the best confirm, and it was humbling. 

On your wedding day, I am regimented but relaxed. I keep things moving while keeping the pressure down so you can enjoy each moment stress-free. I am confident and will get your family photographs captured in a timely and direct manor, without losing my ability to be polite and silly. I'm pretty good at bringing out the joy. 

This brings Brian into the picture of your wedding day. While I direct a day very well, Brian brings a warm and relaxed, loving presence to each wedding. We work together in the best way playing off of each other's strengths, and balancing each other out. Our love comes with us to your day and you will find we are a perfect team. We know what is in the other photographer's lens so well by now, that we both have our go-to captures and we never miss a beat!

Our couples often hire us for the absolutely wonderful experience they can expect us to provide them. We care about every person who steps in front of our lens! 

We love to work with couples who value timelessness and have old souls. They love to dance the night away and have a great time with their friends, without forgetting about the romance of their special day. Our couples are truly best friends (with each other) and their love is apparent. 

What do we do,
when we're not doing what we do?

We are parents. We dare not overbook so we can be the best parents we can be. We love taking our three children camping, out for beach days, on cross country road trips to see grandparents, and on any other adventure you can dream up. We love including them in the things we love to do. They also get art and history lessons from dad and homeschool during the week with mom. Yes, when you're both motivated and inspired, it is possible to "do it all".  Balance makes us even more present on wedding days.

Any additional free time we have left over we spend trying great new food, in our garden, and on date nights.  

Brian enjoys building furniture, restoring our historical house (1787!), listening to podcasts, and reading just about anything he can get his hands on.

Heather enjoys planning, baking desserts to share, hosting friends, and reading historical fiction. 

We both value learning every day. 


We offer 10% military discounts!

Brian and I have past and/or present service men and women on both sides of our family. We want to support and give back in the best way we know how. 

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