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Family Photography by Watt Studios

This is Watt Studios

A Luxury Photography Studio & World of Shared Knowledge

based in Southern Maine

Behind Every Great Business,

is an even Greater Story.

Mine is a love story... No, really.

Portrait of Maine photographer Heather Watt at Watt Studios

Meet Heather

Principal Photographer, Professional Coach, & Lifelong Learner

Hi, I'm Heather. I am a natural-born creative. In my pass time you will likely find me reading about history or painting with a glass of red wine and a good piece of chocolate cake. That's when I'm not chasing around my three beautiful, wonderful, and joyful children. 

My Photography Journey

My photo journey is a total love story. Love of photography, storytelling, connection, and life, but mostly love of my future husband. In 2011, when I was working towards my Bachelor's in Journalism, I started working for Brian Watt Photography. It didn't take me long to start crushing on the cute business owner. It didn't take him long to realize I was, either. He was in grad school for engineering at the time, but was working his way through school with photography. You probably recognize that last name, don't you? I learned so much about photography in school, but even more through working closely with Brian and having a camera in my hands at all times. 

Fast forward twelve years and the evolution of my skill, leadership, and business has been intense and exciting. I found my passion in studio light, creating custom sets, and posing clients in interesting ways to create compelling images. As an artist and a painter, I have thrived off of learning how I can create photographs that are truly one-of-a-kind. I am continuously improving my craft through captivating client sessions, online education, workshops, and networking with other incredible creatives.

That leads me to why I coach. Two years ago, I was asked to lead a workshop through a state photography organization. It sparked a new fuel and challenge in me. I loved the preparation, the presenting, and the lightbulb moments I saw from the attendees. I enjoyed sharing ideas and knowledge. Finally, and I can say this with complete confidence, I've never learned more than when I am teaching. As a lifelong-learner, this has been the best part. 

"Successful people never

stop learning."

-Said by me!

Meet Brian

My Fabulous Husband & Producer

If you read my story, you saw Brian in it. He is currently a full-time engineer or, as I like to call him, a jack-of-all-trades. Outside of that, he is an amazing father to our three children and my producer.

Brian is a master photographer. He grew up in the industry following his father around their family photography studio. You'll likely see him at your session or in the studio helping me change over sets, capturing video clips, and occasionally even taking his own beautiful photos on his own custom sets.

(See the paint brush?)


I'm so glad you're here,

and I can't wait to meet you.

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